Tuesday, 28 November 2017

We Makes Your Event Memorable!!!

A wedding is a celebration, it is not just an event for bride and groom but also an event for the whole family and friends, so it should always be the best and memorable.
It is a misconception that more expense can make the event more beautiful and stand out from others. In the hands of a good wedding planner, you can set a high attention seeking wedding event within the limit of small budgets.

What is wedding planning?

Wedding planning refers to design, plan, manage, and document all the wedding events and gather all the information about performing the wedding.

Who is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional who assists the client to design, plan, and manage the whole wedding. A wedding planner is a person who is responsible to organize the whole wedding in an organized and lavish manner. A wedding planner is responsible for sourcing and managing wedding suppliers and arranging wedding venues. Melodia event is one of the best wedding planners in Kerala.

What is destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a concept in which wedding is held in the different place. Destination wedding generally needs wedding planner as they are very much aware of other places legal documentation and rules. Melodia events endorse destination wedding in Kerala by arranging all the preparations from invitation cards to Vida. The company also provides good options for luxury resorts, and hotels to perform a wedding.

What services a wedding planner provides?

  • Identify couple and parents wedding needs and desires
  • Prepare budget
  • Design and draft decoration of the wedding
  • Arranging wedding location and venue
  • Photo-shoots
  • Prepare checklist of wedding arrangements
  • Prepare list of guests
  • Contracting service provides and wedding professionals such as suppliers, videographers, florists, photographers, beauticians, buffet and drinks
  • Coordinate all the services/deliveries for wedding purpose
  • Develop a backup plan for any kind of disaster
  • Arrange all the legal documents for wedding
  • Develop Wedding layout such as a location of a dance floor, buffet points, chairs, tables, lounge, etc.
  • Briefing all the wedding suppliers about the wedding time, schedule and work details
  • Coordinating all the wedding events and follow up all the arrangements

Melodia events is a well-known event management company in Thrissur, Kerala. Melodia events provide fantastic options for wedding purposes. The company delivers their services according to the client budget, taste, and preferences. The team of Melodia events is reliable and makes every event spectacular and wonderful.  

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Making Your Events Stand Out From The Rest

Melodia Event is an efficient event Management Company in Kerala. We provide our services in Cochin, Palakkad, and Thrissur. Melodia Events offers venue sourcing, event consultancy, parties arrangements, wedding planning, event travel and much more. The company creates, design and provide excellent options to perform any event. 
The company believes to listen, understand and anticipate the client preferences and provide excellent services according to the client needs. Melodia events can perform the wide variety of activities and provide various venues according to the client needs and choices. Melodia events provide one stop solution for all events, parties or travel related requirements. Professionals in Melodia events have in-depth knowledge and full expertise to manage events. The staff of the company is trained to use advanced technologies, related support and provide most reliable and higher quality management services.

 Melodia event is one of the best wedding planners in Kerala. Melodia events deliver excellent options for wedding purposes. The company promotes the concept of a destination wedding in Kerala by providing all the arrangements from invitation cards to Vida. The company also provides good options for luxury resorts, outdoor adventures, and camping. Melodia events can understand that each event is important for its own purposes and intentions. The company design, create and perform events that entertain the people and achieve the goal.
 The company has a strong team that is professionally trained and works with the client end to end for delivering excellent results. Melodia event is an event planning company which is dedicatedly working to provide higher quality products and customer experience. The customization of wedding consulting services is from one-time consultation to the planning of the entire ceremony. 
Melodia events also provide services for organizing birthday parties. Melodia events create a marvelous experience that will be remembered for lifelong. Melodia events provide our services which are according to the client taste, budget, and preferences. The team of Melodia is dedicatedly put their hard work to make every event wonderful.
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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Melodia - Creating Events With A Touch Of Excellence

Wedding is not just a union of love; it is the realisation of dreams and aspiration of a family, coming true through a ceremony. It’s an occasion to rejoice and celebrate with your loved ones. Yet all those things that needs to be done to make the ceremony perfect and ensuring nothing goes wrong, tend to cloud the happiness with stress and tension. 


Melodia Events, one of the accomplished wedding event management companies, Kerala is an ideal option to ease this stress off your shoulder. With skilled crew members and adequate planning, they assist in getting the tasks done as perfectly as you had planned. From the wedding dresses to the entertainments and cuisine, they take care of it all, relinquishing the family off the burden to spend quality time with their folks.

Our traditions have deemed weddings to be not just a ceremony but a reflection of our family pride and status. Any flaw in any of the arrangements cannot be taken lightly and that is specifically why, the need of professional team of planners gain importance. Melodia is adept at handling any wedding ceremonies of any religion with all its traditional purity.

With the expertise of providing themed and creatively best wedding stage decorations Kerala has ever witnessed, Melodia ranks among the best Christian Wedding and Betrothal Planner in Kochi. They also offer authentic entertainments with DJ music and traditional Kerala dance forms like oppana making them one of the most efficient nikah ceremony planners in Kozhikode.

Food plays an important role in the success and glam of a wedding ceremony. With an exemplary catering service and car rental services, along with luxury car service to make the wedding memorable, Melodia is also acknowledged as the one of the best Hindu wedding organisers Thrissur.

Coupled with a passion and unparallel coordination and planning skills, Melodia Events offers the best event management services, Thrissur.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Make Your Event Stand Out !

Product and Brand Launch Events are essential in the corporate business industry as the success of the product instigates huge crush on the company. So it is extremely important to conduct such launches with the highest standards. The launching is not only done for the advertisement, but also a company and its brands can be introduced into the commercial world to meet the strategy. It is considered as a historic occasion and it’s a debut function for the products. 


A product and brand launch can be broadly categorized into media events, trade events, and consumer events. The following arrangements are highly important to make the event success.
Planning: To bring success to the event pre-planning is essential. This helps to prepare precise budgets, resources, arrive an invitees list for the event.
Audiovisual requirement: The high standard sound system can cover almost all the audience. A visual viewing of the advertisement in television screen helps everyone to know the product information throughout the event.
Branded signage and banners: A signage is the brand identity and strongly relaying a message. They are the decisive element for any brand. Brand signage along with flags and banners at prime locations for visual capture cover many visitors.
Venue and Catering: Keeping an eye on the proposed venue might avoid unnecessary chaos. The satiating quantity and quality food are key to make the occasion long lasting and memorable.
Staging and themes: The theme of the launch should instigate the target audience interest and their imagination.
Photography, videography: Photos and videos of such wonderful launches will keep the event in memories as well as add up the publicity in the media.
Apart from the above said features expert anchors, speakers, decoration, entertainments and guest stay are the success behind such events.
Melodia Event in Kerala is one of the Best Event Planners and we do innovative, unique and cost effective event management services especially product and brand launches. If you dream to make your corporate launch as a special, then contact us to make it grand.


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Monday, 14 November 2016

Melodia Events : Glam Up Your Special Occasions

A Personal-Event memory is an individual’s memory of an event from a certain period of time.

Its defining characteristics are that it is for a specific event,includes multi-sensory elements(sights, sounds, smells, body positions etc)is usually recollected in detail and is usually considered by the individual to be an accurate representation of the event.These are generally events that are held on a very personal level, for family and friends etc. These are generally by invitation.

In Personal Event Melodia can create packages and event molded to any budget, Melodia process focuses on learning about one’s individual requirements,developing them into the planning process, and ensuring a flawless execution throughout the event.

Weddings, Receptions, Birthday Parties, Christmas Functions, Dinner parties, On the day Assistance, Location & Venue Search Solution, Budgeting, Concepts theming and Decor etc are examples of Personal Events.

Melodia event now includes events of all sizes from the OLYMPICS down to business breakfast meetings. Many Companies, industries, charitable organizations and interest groups hold events in order to advertise themselves, build a strong business relationship,raise money, or cherish achievement.

Melodia Creating a wonderful event that makes everyone feel special and embeds everlasting impression of amazing occasions, may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!!

In Kerala, Melodia is one of the Best Event Planner and you can choose all the things according to your budget and your choice.
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Monday, 24 October 2016

Encompassing two lives in commendable, adorable and pleasing environment

“Wedding” is a memorable occasion in everyone’s lifetime. The Wedding ceremony is a huge task which should be properly planned to avoid last minute rushing. Preparation of a checklist may be helpful as a part. Despite having such lists one might forget many important items. Instead of involving with such chaos, one shall choose the Best Event Management Company who now also does wedding arrangements. A coordinator is a middleman who acts between the party and outdoor workers.

Melodia Events is a popular Event management company in Kerala and operates in Thrissur, Cochin, and Palakkad. We do from top to bottom arrangements for a wedding once the wedding party books us. Wedding stage decoration always allures the attendees. A list of wedding venues will be provided to the wedding parties and they may choose one of them based on their affordability. Before the wedding, the stage and floors are customized. The decoration will be eye-catching either with traditional flowers or with trendy lighting. Not only the wedding stage, we decorate also the backdrops, the banquet hall, and the reception area.

We do have many florists and decorators who assemble in the wedding hall to do the Wedding Stage decoration. Our decorators have some choices of flowers such as Jasmine that is considered to be auspicious and the garlands are made up of jasmine flowers for both bride and groom. Roses – the loving and lovable petals, smell usually occupies the wedding stage. Marigold – This flower is prominent in an Indian wedding. The combo of gold and white colors always be the first choice for decoration. Chrysanthemum – These several colored flowers mark the signs of joy and happiness. These bright colored flowers always are placed in the wedding hall.

Are you planning to hold a wedding? Don’t worry; we are to support your wedding plans. Wedding Stage decoration in Kerala is done by us at the comfortable charges. Give us a call to discuss your wedding event management.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Best Event Planners in Kerala

Melodia event managers is the Best Event Planners in Kerala, we will help you to create a memorable event as your wish.  
Wedding !! It is the most valuable moment in life . All are likes to make that moment more beautiful.  Melodia Event Managers are the best option to make your dream comes true.
Firstly we will develop a perfect plan including all of your requirements. Venue is an important decision, some of the best and prestigious venues are available at our network. You can choose a suitable venue for your event from our list. Melodia also offers DJ services with highly talented and experienced DJs , so they will choose the suited music to the crowd. We arrange to transport guests from locations of their choices.


We have branches in Cochin, palakkad and Thrissur and also provides services in places around Kerala with high quality.
Our Event Management Company of excellent professional and creative party organizers can also make a surprise party at your chosen location. Be it a party at your community hall, pool side party or at a new location, we can just make it special and memorable event with our creative additions.
Don’t wait anymore! Discuss your needs and plan for a rocking birthday party with us.
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